The accreditation of co-partners (ACPs) is governed by the provisions of COA Circular No. 2012-001 entitled “Prescribing the Revised Guidelines and Documentary Requirements for Common Government Transactions and COA Circular No. 2007-001 dated October 25, 2007 entitled “Revised Guidelines in the Granting, Utilization, Accounting and Auditi ng of the Funds Released to Non-Government Organizations/People’s Organizations (NGOs/POs)”.
   For this purpose, accreditation is the acceptance by the DOLE of the NGO, PO, Government Organization (GO) or Local Government Unit (LGU) to implement the former’s project after proper verification and validation of required documents.


TYPE OF TRANSACTION: Government to Citizen (G2C)
             G2B – Government to Business Entity


  • - Peoples’/Workers’ Organizations
  • - Private Sector Unions/Federations
  • - Cooperatives
  • - Church-Based Organizations
  • - Private Educational Institutions
  • - Private Foundations

Checklist of Requirements

Requirement Where to Secure
A. For Peoples’/Workers’ Organizations, Private Sector Unions/ Federations, Cooperatives, Church-Based Organizations, Private Educational Institutions, and Private Foundations
1. Duly accomplished and signed application form (in 4 sets)
  • DOLE Regional/Provincial/Field Office
2. Certificate of Registration Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) or the DOLE
3. Authenticated copy of the latest Articles of Incorporation in the case of a corporation, or the Articles of Cooperation in the case of cooperative, or Constitution and By-laws in the case of unions/associations, showing the original incorporators/organizers and the Secretary’s Certificate for incumbent officers, together with the Certificate of Filing with the SEC/Certificate of Approval by the CDA Applicant, SEC, CDA, as applicable
4. Audited financial reports for the past three (3) years preceding the date of project implementation. For applicant which has been in operation for less than three (3) years, financial reports for the years in operation and proof of previous implementation of similar projects Applicant
5. List and/or photographs of similar projects previously completed, if any, indicating the source of funds for implementation Applican
6. Sworn affidavit of the secretary of the applicant organization/entity that none of its incorporators, organizers, directors or officers is an agent of or related by consanguinity or affinity up to the fourth civil degree to the official of the agency authorized to process and/or approve proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), and release funds Applicant

Basic Steps

Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Get the DOLE ACP Application Form and the list of requirements and fill-out the form. 1. Provide DOLE ACP Application Form and the list of requirements. None 15 minutes Action officer or alternate
2. Submit the filled-out application form with the documentary requirements attached.

2. Check the completeness of the form and documentary requirements.

2.1. If application and/or requirements are not complete, return the application form and documents to the client indicating the lacking requirement/s and explain, as may be necessary. Application is deemed not filed.
2.2. For complete documents, issue claim stub indicating the date and time of release of Accreditation Certificate. Issue claim stub indicating the date and time of release of Accreditation Certificate.

None 30 minutes Action Officer and/or Alternate
3. Conduct ocular site inspection and verification of documents submitted None 10 days Action officer or alternate
4. Review and recommend for approval/disapproval of application. None TSSD Chief
5. Approve/Disapprove application for accreditation. None Regional Director
4. Present the claim stub to the Action Officer on the scheduled date and get the Accreditation Certificate or Notice of Disapproval. If the claimant of the requested service is other than the one filing the application, submit an Authorization letter together with photocopy of their ID (Filer/Applicant and Authorized Representative to present original copies for verification purposes. 6. Release the Accreditation Certificate or Notice of Disapproval on the scheduled date of release. None 15 Minutes Action officer or alternate
Total None 10 day, 1 hour