Issuance of Letter of Approval/Disapproval of Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP) Application


  The DOLE Department Order No. 198, series of 2018 requires every construction project to have a suitable Construction Safety and Health Program, which is in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Law and other related issuances by the Department. CSHP is a set of detailed rules to cover the processes, practices and personnel responsible that shall be utilized in a specific construction project site.


TYPE OF TRANSACTION: G2C – Government to Citizen, G2B – Government to Business


Checklist of Requirements

Requirement Where to Secure
For Simplified CSHP (For minor repair works, 2-storey and below project with less than 10 workers and not more than P3Million project cost.)
1. Duly accomplished Application Form (2 copies)
2. CSHP template (2 copies)
3. The following as attachments (2 photocopies each):
  • Registration under OSHS (Rule 1020- Registration of Establishments)
  • Valid PCAB Registration of Contractors/Subcontractors, if any
  • Project Contract/any documentary proof showing company as chosen/winning bidder;
  • Certificate of Completion on required training of all designated OSH Personnel (i.e., first-aider, safety officer, OH nurse, OH physician, dentist), as required under DO 198-18;
  • Valid Certificate of Inspection and Testing of Construction Heavy Equipment (CHE) conducted by a DOLE accredited testing organization;
  • Valid NC II to operate Construction Heavy Equipment and other critical skills/occupation, if any;
  • Contract/Memorandum of Agreement with nearby hospital/clinic in lieu of the required hospital (if any).

DOLE Regional and Field Offices
Accredited CHE Testing Organization

Accredited Safety Training Organization, Organizations
Recognized as First Aid Training Providers

Accredited CHE Testing Organization

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)


Basic Steps

Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Get application form (Application for CSHP) from the Action Officer or download the form from DOLE-RO and BWC websites and fill-out the form. 1. Provide Application Form and explain the list of requirements, if necessary. None 1 Hour Action officer or alternate
2. Submit to Action Officer the filled up form with the documentary requirements. 2. Check the completeness of all the documentary requirements and duly accomplished form. None 1 hour Action officer or alternate
None 15 minutes Action officer or alternate
3. Get the claim stub indicating the date of release of letter of approval/disapproval.
3. Evaluate CSHP application and prepare Notice of Approval/Disapproval None 3 days Action officer or alternate
4. Sign Notice of Approval/ Disapproval None 1 days Field Director or Authorized Representative (For Simplified Projects) Regional Director or Authorized Representative (For Comprehensive Projects)
4. Present the claim stub to the Action Officer on the scheduled date and claim letter of approval/ disapproval of CSHP application.

If the claimant is other than the one who filed the application, submit the letter of authorization together with photocopy of their IDs (Filer/Applicant and Authorized Representative - to present original for verification purposes).
5. Release Notice of Approval/ Disapproval of CSHP application on the scheduled release date.

None 15 minutes

15 minutes
Action Officer or alternate
Total None 4 days, 2 hours, 15 minutes