The Certificate of Registration of Contractors is issued to all parties engaged in legitimate contracting and subcontracting arrangements in accordance with DOLE Department Order (DO) No. 174, Series of 2017/Rules Implementing Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, as Amended.
TYPE OF TRANSACTION: G2B – Government to Business
  Any person or entity engaged in legitimate job contracting and subcontracting arrangement providing services for a specific job or undertaking farmed out by principal under a service agreement except those who are engaged in recruitment and placement activities as defined in Article 13(b) of the Labor Code.

Checklist of Requirements

Requirement Where to Secure
For New Applications – 3 copies of the following:
1. Duly accomplished Application Form (TIN required) with attached proof of compliance with substantial capital requirement as defined in Section 3 (I); DOLE-Regional Offices
2. Any of the following:
  • Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Registration, along with the Articles of Incorporation; w/ a paid-up capital of P5,000,000.00
  • Certified True Copy of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Registration Certificate and DTI Certification with net worth of P5,000,000.00
  • Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Registration from the CDA with P5,000,000.00 paid up capital stocks/shares
  • Certified copy of Registration from the DOLE if the applicant is a union

Securities and Exchange Commission


Cooperative Development Authority

3. Certified True Copy of License or Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit Local Government Unit where the contractors operate
4. Copy of duly audited financial statement for Corporation, Partnership, Cooperative or a labor organization, or copy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR),for sole proprietorship Company records/Bureau of Internal Revenue
5. Sworn disclosure that the registrant, its officers and owners or principal stockholders or any one of them, has not been operating or previously operating as a contractor under a different business name or entity or with pending cases of violations of DO 174-17 and/or labor standards, or with a cancelled registration. In case any of the foregoing has a pending case, a copy of the complaint and the latest status of the case shall be attached Company records
6. Certified listing, with proof of ownership or lease contract of facilities, tools, equipment, premises implements, machineries and work premises, that are actually used by the contractor in the performance of completion of the specific job or work contracted out Applicant/Contractor
7. Listing of services to be contracted out in accordance with its primary purpose in the Articles of Incorporation Applicant/Contractor
8. Number of employees Applicant/Contractor
9. Commitment Form specifying the increase of paid up capital should there be increase in the number of workers Applicant/Contractor
10. Photo of the office building and premises where the contractor holds office Applicant/Contractor
For Renewal – 3 copies of the following:
10. Photo of the office building and premises where the contractor holds office Applicant/Contractor
10. Photo of the office building and premises where the contractor holds office Applicant/Contractor
Requirement Where to Secure
For Renewal – 3 copies of the following:
1. Duly accomplished Application Form (TIN required) DOLE-Regional Offices
2. Copies of all the updated supporting documents in letters (a) to (e) of Section 15 of DO 174-17 shall be attached to the duly accomplished application forms including the following:
  • Certificate of membership and proof of payment of SSS, BIR, ECC, Pag-IBIG contributions for the last three (3) years, as well as loan amortization; and
  • Certificate of pending or no pending labor standard violations case/s with the NLRC and DOLE. The pendency of a case will not prejudice the renewal of registration, unless there is a finding of violation of labor standards by the DOLE Regional Director **DOLE Clearance (Certificate of no pending case)
  • Application for Clearance/Request Form or letter request indicating the purpose;
  • Identification Card of the Requesting party

SSS, BIR, ECC, Pag-ibig

National Labor Relations Commission, DOLE

3. Copy of previous Certificate of Registration Applicant/Contractor
4. Proof of submission of Contractor’s/Sub-Contractor’s Semi-Annual Reports Applicant/Contractor

Basic Steps

Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Get DOLE Registration of Contractor Application Form and the list of requirements from the DOLE Officer or DOLE website. 1. Receive the photocopy of OR and check its authenticity with the original copy. None 15 Minutes Officer of the Day
2. Submit to the Action Officer the filled up application form with the documentary requirements. 2. Check the completeness of the Application Form and all documentary requirements. None 15 Minutes Officer of the Day
3. Review the application, and conduct verification inspection. 2 days Authorized Representative of the Regional Director
4. Approve/disapprove the registration. None 3 days Regional Director
3. Get the order of payment. 5. For approved application, issue order of payment. None 5 minutes Officer of the Day
4. Bring the order of payment to the Designated Cashier, pay the P100,000.00 registration fee and receive Official Receipt (OR). 6. Receive payment, issue OR and stamp date and time of release of registration on the face of the OR. P100,000 upon approval of application or renewal of certificate 15 minutes Cashier
5. Present the OR to the Action Officer on the scheduled release date and claim Certificate of Registration. If the claimant of the requested service is other than the one who filed the application, submit the letter of authorization together with photocopy of their IDs (Filer/Applicant and Authorized Representative – to present original for verification purposes).
Total P100,000.00 5 days, 55 minutes