Issuance of Certificate of Appearance to Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME) and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE)


  The Certificate of Appearance for Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME) / Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) is issued to professional engineers who will be preparing mechanical and electrical plans, and installation of mechanical equipment and of electrical wiring in industrial establishments covered by DOLE Technical Safety Inspection.

TYPE OF TRANSACTION:   G2C – Government to Citizen

Checklist of Requirements

Requirement Where to Secure
1. Valid Professional Tax Receipt and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License (1 photocopy) Local Government Unit (LGU)
2. Original Copy of valid Professional Tax Receipt and PRC License (for presentation only) LGU

Basic Steps

Client Steps Agency Action Fees to be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. PME/PEE to personally appear and submit the complete requirements.

1.1. Affix 3 specimen signatures on the photocopy of the PRC License.

1.2. Log in the PME/PEE information logbook.

1.3. Get the claim stub.

Check completeness of the required documents
If requirements are complete:

1.1. Require the PME/PEE to affix three (3) specimen signatures on the photocopy of the PRC License.

1.2. Provide the logbook to the applicant for entry of required information in the PME/PEE information logbook.

1.3. Issue claim stub.

1.4. Forward the document to BWC Focal Person

If the presented requirements are incomplete, return to the applicant for resubmission and indicate lacking requirements.
None 30 minutes BWC Officer of the Day
Validate applicant’s information/documents.

2.1. If the information/ documents are in order, prepare the Certificate of Appearance and submit complete documents to the Office of the Director.

None 1 day RO Focal Person
3. Sign the certificate of appearance.

3.1. If not in order or if there is misrepresentation, endorsement letter to be sent to Legal Service for appropriate action.

None 1 day Regional Director or authorized representative
2. Receive the Certificate of Appearance.

If the claimant of the requested service is other than the PME/PEE, submit the letter of authorization together with photocopy of their ID and copy of claim stub (Filer/Applicant and Authorized Representative - to present original for verification purposes).
4. Release the Certificate of Appearance with official dry seal. None 15 minutes RO Focal Person
Total None 1 day, 75 minutes