A Working Child’s Permit is issued to any child below 15 years of age before he/she is allowed to commence work, usually on short-term and per project basis, in a family undertaking and in public entertainment or information.

  As a rule, no child below 15 years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work, in any public or private establishment except: 1) when the child works under the sole responsibility of his/her parents or guardian, provided that only members of the child’s family are employed; and 2) when the child’s employment or participation in public entertainment or information is essential.

  Republic Act No. 9231 and Department Circular No. 2 Series of 2017, as amended, the Department is mandated to protect the working child under allowable work circumstances against abuse, exploitation and discrimination.


  Employer, parent or guardian of a child below 15 years of age before engaging him or her in any legitimate work not prohibited by law.

PhP 100.00 per permit per project Based on the employment contract but not to exceed one (1) year Regional/Provincial Field Office whichever is nearest to the client Within three (3) working days under normal circumstances


  1. Duly accomplished and notarized/under oath application for work child permit;
  2. Additional requirements for a child above seven (7) years old:
    1. Proof or Certificate of enrolment for the current year or current school identification or report card;
    2. If the Child is not enrolled, a brief description of the program for education, training and skills acquisition for the child;
  3. Authenticated copy of child’s Birth Certificate or Certificate of Late Registration of Birth issued by the NSO or the city/municipal registrar
  4. Medical certificate issued by a licensed physician stating that he/she has personally examined the child for whom a work permit is being secured, and that the child is fit to undertake the work in which he/she is to be engaged. Such certificate must bear the certifying physician’s full name, and his/her license number.
  5. Two (2) passport-sized photographs of the child, expenses for securing such should be the employer’s responsibility. For a child who will work in a family undertaking, any digitally-captured photograph either by DOLE or employer may be accepted.
  6. When the employer is the parent, guardian, or a family member other than the parent of the child, he/she shall present any valid documents such as latest passport, latest postal/company identification card, driver’s license establishing his/her identity.
  7. Additional requirement for the following are:
    1. For legal guardian: authenticated proof of legal guardianship;
    2. For family member: proof of relationship to the child;
    3. For employers in public entertainment or information:
      1. Certified true copy of the employer’s business permit or certificate of registration;
      2. Written employment contract between the employer and the child’s parents or guardian and approved by DOLE;
      3. An express agreement of the child to the provisions of the contract when the child is between seven (7) to below 15 years of age.
    Additional Requirements for Renewal
    Previously issued Working Child Permit


Step Applicant / Client DOLE Action Officer Process Cycle Time
1 Get application form Provide Application Form and list of requirements Provincial/Field Focal Person
2 Submit filled-up Application Form with documentary requirements Check completeness of the documentary requirements Provincial/Field Office Focal Person Within two (2) hours
3 Presentation of authenticity of documents Site Validation Provincial/Field Office Focal Person Within one (1) day
4 Approve application Provincial Head Within four (4) hours
5 Get order of payment Issue Order of Payment Provincial/Field Office Focal Person Within one (1) hour
6 Bring order of payment to cashier Receive payment and issue (OR) Official Receipt Special Disbursing Officer (SDO) Within one (1) hour
7 Issue Working Child Permit Provincial Head Within one (1) day
8 Receive Working Child Permit Release Working Child Permit Provincial/Field Office Focal Person